Today’s economy is hard on those interested in property buying. Property prices grow higher coupled with the increasing cost of living. Expo Pemuda 2018 event will serve as a platform to showcase affordable homes and what it takes to own one. This event guides people to their future homes with a promise of lesser financial worries. It guides people to have proper financial planning when trying to buy a house, leading to a more economic lifestyle.



Bringing together property developers along with service providers to meet face to face with potential buyers
Creating awareness and providing consultation on up to date information pertaining to available property offers
There will also be a host of experts on hand to give quality advice about purchasing your first home, including mortgage brokers, lenders, Legal Fees and more.

Activities & Highlights

On The Spot Consultation

Talks by Property Developers & Service Providers

Talks On Available Incentives & Schemes

Contests & Lucky Draws