Unique opportunity for all types of visitors, to meet and interact with relevant parties at the event.

Fantastic platform to showcase projects, schemes, incentives and other opportunities all under one roof.

One stop venue to showcase job opportunities and attract a large pool of quality candidates.

Great setting to increase & develop brand awareness, gain media exposure and showcase corporate brand name regionally.


The Expo Pemuda 2018 offers an unparalleled opportunity to create or strengthen partnerships between the public, government and corporate exhibitors. Besides creating sponsorship opportunities for the organizations, this event serves as a platform for attracting business prospects, driving economic growth in developing regions and even filling job openings within organizations.

Whatever your goals may be, each sponsor is provided with a platform to reach maximum number of attendees. Our sponsorship options are available at various funding levels and can be tailored to your branding and marketing goals.

For more information on available Sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Expo Pemuda Secretariat Office at:

Phone: +603-8070 7666